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Boulderfist Orc Clan!

Nov. 6, 2018

   The horde is growing! The Horde is starting to swell with new recruits and old grunts! We are still training up and starting to work on field tactics but things are already looking very promising. We will soon be placing our main guild house and commencing raids on the local oomie populace. You have been warned!

  Looking forward to getting into some field fights, dirt naps, and roleplaying with those smelly Dwarves and power hungry Prevalium Imperium.



Oct. 26, 2018

   The horde is back! Brothers and sisters! We are blessed once again with a new shard to play. Outlands launch is upon us. Tomorrow, Saturday October 27th at 11am EST the flood gates will open and a mad rush will begin to get into a game that many have been anticipating for months.

  Through the beta period we have helped shape the very land that we will inhabit, fine tune the mechanics we will employ, and inspire the lore for the server. Check out the lore created by the amazingly talented Lenz Here and Here. Join the Official Outlands Discord Channel to connect with the huge playerbase and other roleplaying guilds. Download the Patcher/Launcher here which includes both Razor and UOSteam as options built into the launcher. The shard even supports the Orion client if you have one configured and running.

  Looking forward to getting into some stupid things with my greenskinned brothers and sisters once again!



Apr. 21, 2016

   The horde is still holding strong on Rel Por 2.0! We have been having a blast with our allies The Shadowclan Orcs stomping on [NUB] and [Key] members and making a general mess of things. Join us in our quest to pillage these lands dry and re-moisten it with the tears of our enemies. HOOWAH!


Aug. 17, 2015

   The horde will ride again! Rel Por 2.0! Ug der brudd'rz agh breed'rz! So it looks like Rel Por will be making a comeback soon. This was easily my 2nd favorite shard, after Divinity 2.0, and will be highly anticipated by everyone who loved the original. The staff are busy putting in work trying to get the shard to a launchable state and trying to ensure that there won't be any burn out. We can help with this by showing our appreciation for all the FREE work they do! No launch date has been set yet but once it is announced I will post it here. Rel Por 2.0 HOOWAH!


Jan. 18, 2015

   The horde returns! An Corp 2.0! Ug der brudd'rz agh breed'rz! A couple of us have moved over to An Corp 2.0 which went live on Jan. 18th. I don't think we will become as large as say Divinity 2.0 or IPY 2.0 but come join us and hang out in game or even just in Ventrillo. 15+ years later UO is still, somehow, kicking and new servers are able to pull in over 1500 clients at launch. Name one other 15+ year old game that can do that. Website links have been updated with current shard info. As always I'll be adding stories here and pictures when I find something worthy of posting.

   Email me pictures of your raids, adventures, or just orking around. HOOWAH!


Jan. 27, 2014

   Ug der brudd'rz agh breed'rz! Kil'gu ib nub klomp'd yed! I'm still alive and kicking (and screaming), just been extremely busy. I hear tales of orks pillaging oomie settlements in the lands of UO Forever, stories of trickery and bastardly acts, and general reports of green-skin retards causing chaos. It warms by black heart to hear about all the fun you are having and I long for the days of stomping my boots next to yours. I will return soon, have hope, but for now my time is dominated by another deamon. Real Life. Until I can devote the time needed to play I will be here, updating the site, adding pictures and stories, and keeping up with my green-skinned family on vent.

Here is something from your favorite breeder; Yub'Yub!

   Email me pictures of your raids, adventures, or just orking around. HOOWAH!


Feb. 23, 2013

   The Boulderfist Orks are once again playing Ultima Online. This time we have moved to UO Immortalis. Great staff, more stable than most of the shards I've seen, and the staff don't hate us...yet. So join us there as we lay waste to the lands and crush the oomies under our mighty war boots! UOImmortalis.com

New Beginnings, Old Habits.

   I will be setting up a gallery here for Immortalis over the next few days so stay tuned for new pics coming soon.


Jan. 29, 2012

Rel Por Shuts Down!

   As hard as it is to believe, Rel Por has officially shut its servers down. Citing burn out and a general lack of interest the team decided it was best to terminate the project. I loved this server and was hoping it would pick up again but it never did. I wish all of the talented staff luck in their future projects and can't wait to see what Mob of Monsters is working on now. Here are some of the Final Event videos.

You can read more here: Rel Por closure - Admerylous:

  There is also talk of relaunching Rel Por with different admins as they would like to release the code once they are confident that no personal information can be retrieved from it. You can read more here:
We ain't dead yet - resurrecting rel por


Dec. 11, 2012

  Planetside 2! The Orcs have gone into the future and are now Space Orks! Join us on the SolTech server and fight for the New Conglomerate against the oomie Terran Republic and the dorky Vanu Sovereignty. I've decided not to post any pictures or videos here for now but that may change in the future.

The New Conglomerate! Screw Everyone Else!

  As for Rel Por, the server's population has dipped into the double digits and things aren't looking to bright for the 2nd best server I have ever played on (Divinity will always be #1 in my heart). I really wish more people would play but its a catch 22 of a situation. Less players online means less action and thus less players logging in to play. If the population ever rises again you can bet the Boulderfist Orcs will be there to stomp them into the ground. Until then most of us are just in Refresh Mode.

  Also it seems that In Por Ylem 2 will be rebooted as In Por Ylem 3! This time Az promises to keep his promises and deliver all the stuff he has been promising for 2 years and that Rel Por was able to code in a few weeks. Az, you're a douchebag who is just trying to get people's money for a 3 time. If you're dumb enough to pay for something from the IPY3 "donation" store for a 3rd time then you're dumb enough to give me your money. Email is below, I'll give you the paypal info where you can "donate".


Nov. 9, 2012

  Sorry for the lack of updates to the site, been extra busy with work, research, and, especially, destroying the ever loving shit out of oomies! TONS of action over the last couple of weeks, though mainly only 2-3 times per week. Outside of the Khalmer Excavation Site is still a great place to pick up a fight as well as the entrance to Endium/Vermell North. Mob of Monsters is running an event damn near everyday with the kickass pseudoseer system he designed and it has been providing plenty of action and fun for everyone involved. I will edit and post screenshots of last night's event for the opening of Demergo Sewers. It was basically a pvp free-for-all for a few hours with free "eventsupply" items (regs, weapons, armor, etc. which can be deleted once the event is over). This system is light years beyond what any other server has ever had.

Enjoy all of the new pictures posted in the Rel Por section and remember to keep stomping oomies into the ground! HOOWAH!



It seems In Por Ylem 2 will be shutting down its servers for good. Another shard dies once the Boulderfist Orcs leave. Get ready for an influx of oomies to the Rel Por server!

Oct. 12, 2012

  There was plenty to do over the last week as we took to the field and stomped fools into the ground. Constant contact at the house, bounty hunters all over Calor and Vermell, and the roads outside of Khalmer Excavation seem to be the new pvp battlefield. The population may have dipped but thats only because they are all taking an ice cream break after getting their shit pushed in by us. Like Ryann Ross and his entire crew, on multiple characters, getting killed so much that we were able to enjoy our favorite Orcish pass time; Body Part Wall!

In Sanct Owned - Wall of Bone

Then there was a terrible accident! We were baking cookies for the clan and forgot about them and went out to klomp. When we returned we found our house on fire! So we did what any orc would do in this situation; stand in the middle of it and take pictures.

On the bright side, our house no longer smells like shit...it smells like burnt shit!

New pictures posted in the Rel Por section. Keep up the great field fights, brothers! HOOWAH!


Oct. 1, 2012

  Death, Mayhem, Murder, and Hurt Feelings! This is what the Boulderfist Orcs bought to the lands of Atria over the past few nights.
We trounced Clan Beard

More like Deadbeard, yuk yuk yuk!

Destroyed the Yew Militia

Roleplayed with their body parts

And generally fucked up a lot of people's day

Ee kan baro a kup ob shuga?

Glad to have you rolling again Rublu! A 2nd mojoka makes all the difference, even if its just taking the dumps. Loads of new pictures are up in the Rel Por section. Enjoy


Sept. 24, 2012

  As always, pics added to Rel Por pictures. Big changes for murderers on Rel Por. NO MORE STATLOSS! That's right! Well there are still some penalties and your bounty still plays the same role, but now you are not sitting around as a ghost. The new system is works very simply like this:

Die to a Bounty Hunter as a Red.
Enter temp statloss (skills @ 20.0)
Pay bribe (2x Bounty) or
Wait out statloss as ghost

But with the latest patch

Die to a Bounty Hunter as a Red.
Enter "Atonement". (Become XXX The Shamed and can't attack blues)
Keep all skills and can still crossheal reds.
Pay bribe (2x Bounty) or
Wait out "atonement" while still being able to play.

Under the new system you will no longer have to "shelf" a player for the night! You will just have to wait for them to flag on you to kill them! And you're pink...yeah, sissy, girly, pink! But at least you're a pink 7xGM killing machine. Hope this helps us play more and stomp more ground!



Sept. 21, 2012

  Lots of pics added to Rel Por pictures. Had a blast this week killing and being killed. Some people need to understand that you do NOT want to piss off the Boulderfist Orcs. Clan Beard [Brd] decided that the best thing to do while we had a blue Orc around was to drop EVs and house hide like lil oomie gurlz!! End result below:

From Blue To Red To Dead in under 5 minutes!

Oh did I forget to mention that our "Blue" Orc was now orange to them since hes also a Bounty Hunter? A few well placed Meteor Swarms and...enjoy your stat for the night, boys!

And just for shits and giggles, heres a picture of us torching someone's house when they decided to house hide. (But at least not drop EVs outside.)

Nuw Bawk Bawk dun?

Big news coming in about a day so stayed updated on the latest misadventures of your favorite green-skinned morons: The Boulderfist Orcs.



Sept. 17, 2012

  I have uploaded Dra'ull-erg'a's Orc Rap. Download it now and enjoy some sick beats.

Download Link (Right-click, Save As...)


Sept. 14, 2012

  Pictures from last night's raid on milita posted in the Rel Por Pictures Section. As well as this little gem from Gok'gor:

"Bezt Howz Eber!"" - Gok'gor


Sept. 12, 2012

  Quick Update. More pics loaded in the Rel Por Pictures Section from 9/10. Awesome night of PVP!

  And heres a pic of Daka peeking inside a boombox.

Ey, wut diz box du?


Sept. 10, 2012

  What a weekend! Reds, Oranges, Blues, and Yew Militia! We klomp'd them all! Despite the recent changes to hiding and stealthing that disrupted the delicate balance that UO has always provided with the Hiding skill, we were still able to find and kill people, and even destroy a stealth/reveal PK. Thanks to Thok's counter espionage work! Bubhosh assyst der, brudder! More pictures added to the Rel Por Picture section. A couple of highlights.

Counter Espionage Gets This Oomie Klomp'd!

Leh'Truk With Those Interrupts!

  Leh'truk, your name isn't in the kill shot above but I know it's you. Keep up the good work and you'll be 7x in no time, stomping the ground with us in your gruntee war boots!

  As always, submit your stuff to me so I can post it.



Sept. 5, 2012

  Posted more pictures in the Rel Por Picture section. Lots of action this past weekend, lots of loot, and lots of fun. Check out Zero trying to run to the guards and forgetting that Vermell allows reds.

Why won't the guards come?

  Or this guy who decided that the entire world is under guard protection as he tried to spam guards in a dungeon. He lived only because I was laughing so hard I couldn't chase him anymore!

No guards in dungeons? Why not?

  Hope you guys like the Ventrillo preview on the side. As always, submit your stuff to me so I can post it. Thanks to Borug for his screenshots of the Militia Stronghold battle.



Aug. 30, 2012

  Finished up more coding and the site should look fine now in Chrome, IE, and FF (IE users still can't see the custom cursor though). If you find anything messed up please let me know. Also uploaded more screenshots in the Rel Por section. If you'd like something posted here or have screenshots for me to add to the gallery you can email me at Kilgu@Bouldefist.com.

  Working on getting something special up here very soon. Stay tuned.


Aug. 29, 2012

  Welcome to the Boulderfist Orc Clan's new webpage! Please excuse the mess while I finish the final tweaks for proper cross-browser compatibility. This site works best on Google Chrome but should look just fine on IE8. Working on getting it fully functional in Firefox. This site has sections that are geared towards oomies, teaching them how not to get their feelings hurt and what to give for tribute, but all Orcs are encouraged to check them out as well to learn about our playstyle a bit more.

  So who are the Boulderfist Orcs? We are a savage clan of Orcs who pillage, plunder, and ravage the lands of Sosaria. Under the leadership of the Hord-Mazt'r, the Warbozz and the Elder Majooka we raid territories belonging to Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Drow, and any other faction we see fit.

  We defend our fort, located Southeast of Galven, along with our allies, the Bloodclan orcs, with such zeal and bloodlust that few have seen it and lived to tell the tale. We worship the RokGod as he gives us the strength and toughness of massive boulders to crush our enemies beneath our mighty war boots.

  The Boulderfist Orc Clan was created on Divinity due to the fact that Bloodclan was no longer active there and some of the orcs wanted to still play orcs. We have moved from Divinity and become established on other servers (Second Age, In Por Ylem II, Retribution, Revelation, and Rhivan Legacies) but have liquidated our assets as we are not active there . We were born in the Jungles of Trinsic and as such are a bit more savage and bloodthirsty than the Bloodclan Orcs (which is both a boon and a curse). Most of us got burn't (went red) within a few days of server birth which hindered our ability to macro in safety overnight (curse), but also showed our dedication to eradicating humanity from these lands.(boon to RP'ing).

  Provided that I have something to post here, I will try to update this every few days so be sure to check back for stories, pics, and other Orcish skribblez from your favorite green-skinned morons, The Boulderfist Orc Clan!

Militia Stronghold Slaughter!