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How to Approach Orcs!

These are our lands!

   Orcs are very territorial by nature have and consider all of the lands as their own and, to them, the oomies are the invaders. They can however be bought off by offering "Tribuut", or tribute, in exchange for your life. Unless the Orcs are in a bloodfrenzy and are recklessly destroying anything and anyone in their paths, or if the tribute is insulting, you must stop running, stand still and say Tribute and you will come out unharmed.

   Although Orcs have little understanding of value (they would consider bandages to be worth more than gems) they do understand how oomies view personal wealth. If an oomie only has a few gold pieces in his pack (and he will be snooped!) they will ask for something such as "Shooz" or resources and spare the poor oomie's life. However, an oomie who has a pack filled with a few thousand gold pieces but offers only a handful as tribute will be killed and his corpse picked clean. When dealing with Orcs always give what you can, being cheap will get you killed and you will lose everything you had.

When tribute is not taken:

   When the Boulderfist Orcs are out rampaging through a dungeon, or assaulting a settlement no tribute will be requested nor accepted. If we find that your corpse had very little valuables, or if you treated us with respect, we will also "fleshie" (ressurrect) you.

   If you have invaded us at our homes, such as the Orc Fort or Orc Housing, we will not request tribute, we will simply swarm and klomp you.

We will attack you on sight and take everything we can if:


These are subject to change at anytime at the sole discretion of the Elder Council without prior notice!

What is considered Tribuut?

   What should you give as an offering to the Rokgod and a symbol of your unconditional surrender?. Please check the Tribute page for a small list.