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Creating An Orc!

Looking Like An Orc!

   Orcs by nature have no hair. No facial hair, no hairstyles. When making your Orc make sure you select "none" for both of these options. Skin color restrictions are more relaxed than those of Bloodclan or Shadowclan Orcs. You can be any color you want, just try not to be too pasty.

Orcish Names

   Just being bald does not make you an Orc, it makes you a bald oomie if you don't have the proper name! Choosing an Orcish name is a very important part of your character as this is how people will remember and refer to you, even when you are on a different character. If you are having trouble making up your own name you can try the Fantasy Name Generator. Keep in mind:

   Failure to meet the requirements for a proper name will usually mean you have wasted a character slot and will need to re-roll.


   All Orcs must have the Hiding skill! There are only a couple of exceptions to this rule (such as crafters or specific-role characters). The Hiding skill is the cornerstone of our tactics as we prefer to lay in wait for the prey to step into our trap and gives us the advantage of having the element of surprise in our arsenal.

   Most new Orcs start out as Pugs (See Ranks) which are dexxers. It takes the approval of a Grunt or higher to be allowed to create a Mage-class Orc (Mojoka). As a dexxer you are not allowed any magery! We each play a specific role in the clan and the Mojokas provide the magic support and magic travel to the melee-class Orcs.

Orcs are not allowed to have the follow skills:

   It is highly recommended for new Orcs to start out with 50 Magic Resist, 49 Healing, and 1 point in a weapon skill of their choice to get a training weapon. Resist is usually the hardest and most expensive skill to raise so it's better to start with it at 50. Healing at 49 means you are only 11 points away from being able to cure poison (@60 Healing/Anatomy) and can participate in group hunts more effectively.