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Speaking Orcish!

Speaking Like An Orc!

   The Orcish language is not a complex one to learn. We mostly sound like drunken idiots with a speech impediment. The Boulderfist Orcs primarily speak Orcish in the Shadowclan style with some of our own words replacing the less used ones. This is the dialect that has evolved due to living in jungles of Trinsic, just like Orcish Cajuns!

   The trick to speaking like an Orc is to pretend you are drunk and do not use proper English. Spell words the way they sound instead of how they are supposed to be spelled. Try changing "er" endings into 'r and "ing" into 'n endings. For example, Runner would be Run'r, Chopping would be Chop'n. Bring your own style to the table and have fun with it. When something funny happens Orcs never say LOL, ROFL, LMAO or anything like that, we always use Har Har to show laughter.

    Below is a list of commonly used Orcish words:



Ug Hello
Gug'ye Goodbye
Rulg Thanks
Yub Yes
Nub No
Dis/Dat This/That
Dey/Dem They/Them
Ee I/Me
Blah Speak/Talk
Bubhosh Good
Nubhosh Bad
Klomp Kill
Krimp Trap
Tupid/Toopid Stupid
Oomie Human
Mojo Magic
Skah! Random Curse

Arruwz Arrows
Bultz Bolts
Chug'rz Potions
Leddur Leather
Wuudz Wood
Woolz Wool
Weedz Reagents
Shinies Gold/Gems
Ragz Bandages

Lusk Axe
Xo'lig/O'lig X-bow/Bow
Womp Mace
Zult Sword
Kigg Kryss/Warfork
Igg Dagger

Orcs aren't very smart and can barely count to 5. Thus our counting system relies on adding H, or 5, for numbers higher than 5 such as 7 (Hdub, 5+2).



Zuth Zero
Ash One
Dub Two
Gakh Three
Futh Four
H Five
Hash Six
Hdub Seven
Hgakh Eight
Hfuth Nine
HH Ten

   If you are ever in doubt about how to say an orcish word you can either try to use words you know to get your point across ("Dat ting dat lat chop'r wit") or butcher the word entirely ("Krozbuw"). Remember that Grunts are here to teach you so do not be afraid to ask and in time you will be able to blah lyk un Ork!